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Multitech Damper solution is your partner with worldwide experience in solving vibration problems of all type. Multitech is active member in CICIND as one of the 5 specialists for concrete stacks and is also member of the Eurocode group for stacks. Multitech is concentrating its activity on slender structures such as:

  • Steel Stack
  • Concrete Stack
  • Distillation tower
  • Flagpole
  • Gsm mast
  • Wind turbine
  • Solar tower

The main fields of activity of Multitech are:

  • Wind Engineering
  • Vibration Prediction
  • Liquid Dampers (TLD)
  • Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD)

Damper is an effective solution to reduce vibration, to increase lifespan, to solve wind interference between structures, to reduce along wind loads. Multitech dampers are maintenance free. Multitech damper are multi directional. Multitech laboratory is based in France. All our dampers are tested before shipment to meet the specification. They are all custom made. Each damper is different and is studied case by case separately. Multitech is making its business on an international basis. Our growing business confirms the international acceptance of Multitech worldwide. Multitech will continue to respond to all opportunities with new and innovative solution.

From A like Australia to Z like Zambia – our knowledge and our effort is required worldwide

  • Australia: TLD for stacks.
  • Abu Dhabi: TMD and TLD on stacks.
  • Azerbaidjan : TLD for 190 m flagpole.
  • Bangladesh: TMD for Payra Concrete stack, TMD for Chittagong Concrete stack, TMD for Patuakhali concrete stack.
  • Belgium :TLD on stacks.
  • Brazil: TLD for stacks and lattice towers.
  • Bulgaria :TLD on lattice tower.
  • Canada: TMD and TLD for numerous steel stacks and Gsm Masts.
  • China :numerous TLD for large stacks.
  • England :numerous TLD and TMD on concrete stack.
  • Egypt :TLD on stacks. Estonia :TLD on stack.
  • Greece: TLD for stack.
  • Germany :TLD and TMD on steel stacks.
  • Hongkong :TLD for stack.
  • India: TLD on stack.
  • Indonesia: TLD on stacks and lattice tower.
  • Italy: TLD on stacks.
  • Ireland: TLD on stacks.
  • Israel: wind breaker on 250 m solar tower
  • Lithuania: TLD on stack.
  • Luxembourg: Vibration study on huge derrick.
  • Qatar: TMD and TLD on stacks.
  • Malaysia: TLD on stacks.
  • Mali :TLD on stack.
  • Mexico: numerous TLD on stacks.
  • Oman :TLD on stacks.
  • Poland: TLD on stacks.
  • Portugal: TLD on stacks.
  • Russia: TLD on huge stacks.
  • Saudi Arabia: numerous TMD and TLC on stacks.
  • South Africa :TLD on stack.
  • Singapore: TMD and TLD on stacks.
  • Scotland :TLD on stacks.
  • Senegal on stacks.
  • Spain :TLD on stacks.
  • Thailand :TMD and TLD on stacks.
  • Turkey :numeros TLD on stacks .
  • Trinidad :TLD on GSM masts.
TLD on a 135 m hybrid (steel/ concrete) stack
TLD on a 100 m stack
Nuclear Plant
La Hague
Stabilization of a 250 m concrete solar tower by means of wind breakers. Design assisted by Wind Tunnel
TMD for 220 m concrete stack in Payra
TMD for 275 m concrete stack in Chittagong
TMD for 220 m concrete stack in Patuakhali (on process)
TMD for a 275 m stack in Matarbari (on process)
TMD to repair a 200 m concrete stack subject to interference vibrations
TMD for a 100 m stack
Hong Kong
TLD for a 150 m x 7.00 m stack with brick lining (on process)
TLD on a 100 m stack
TLD on a 100 m stack
TLD on a 103 m stack
TLD to repair a 120 m derrick suffering strong vibration
TLD on 2x80 m stack
TLD for 1st and 2nd mode of vibration on a 192 m flagpole (on process)
TLD to repair a 100 m process column subject to high vibration
Checking the upper part of the Eiffel Tower regarding vibration and fatigue. Investigation on the need or not to install a anti vibration damper. The precise dynamic behavior of the Eiffel Tower was established by means of anemometers, accelerometers, stress gauges.
Vibrations can be controlled wherever they occur

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